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Banoful and Madhuban get ultimatum

Two renowned food item manufacturers of Chittagong, Banoful and Madhuban have received ultimatum from Bangladesh Food Safety Authority to close their factories unless they improve their food quality and food processing system. An executive magistrate of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority has told to media that they have tested food items and manufacturing facilities of thirty companies. Fourteen of those have received A grade certificate, nine received B grade certificate. Remaining seven was declared C grade. That means these companies will not get certificate because their quality was not satisfactory. They have to improve their standard on or before 30th January next year. Otherwise their food processing factories will be shutdown.
Banoful and Madhuban are among those seven manufacturers. In recent drives Bangladesh Food Safety Authority has found several food manufacturers are selling expired food items, some don’t mention expire date, some are using rotten eggs and expired ingredients. Some food manufacturers continued manufacturing substandard food items even after facing fine from mobile courts several times.

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