BFDC Artists Association celebrate annual Picnic in a massive joyful environment

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The Bangladesh films artists’ associations’ annual picnic was held at Gazipur Meghbari Resort on last Wednesday 30 January in the festive environment. On behalf of association president actor Misha Showdagor and general secretary Zayed Khan start the picnic by inaugurating balloons in presence of all artists.

President Misha Showdagor said “we have to increase affection with each other. Everyone make sure that fun will be unlimited so that this cheerful mood can affect our profession. The day is only for ours”. General Secretary Zayed Khan also said “I seem this day is like get together of a family. We are a family in artist’s earth”.

Besides popular star couple, Ananto Jalil & Borsha also participate here. Actor Ananto Jalil says I like this picnic tradition of artists association. We become close to each other in this day and heroin Borsha reveal his happiness also. Unparallel Sohel Rana mentioned Many new actor & actress entering in the film industry but maximum are unknown, at least can identify of all newcomers. Really the picnic spot was full fill by jolly here and there. The stars were enjoying snake dance, pillow handover, chair sitting, dancing, singing, and much more fun as much as no limit for all day long. Presence in more was Suchorita, Racy, Popy, Shujata, Bobita, Chompa, Rozina, Alamgir, Javed, Soyed Hassan Imam, Riaz, Dipjol, Amit Hassan, Kabila and others.

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