BNP to launch Dhaka-centric non-stop program

BNP to launch Dhaka-centric non-stop program

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The main festivities of the puja will be held over five days from October 24 to 28, hence questions remain as to why there is a long gap of nine days in the events. Top level leaders say that this is also part of their strategy.

Sources say the BNP and other opposition parties will originally launch a non-stop agitation from October 28, although the programs have not been finalized yet. But talking to BNP leaders and parties involved in the movement together, it was felt that two or three types of Dhaka-centric programs would be taken up. This may involve a march or siege program to the Election Commission or the Secretariat, or a march from the northern end of the city to the southern end.

BNP has been holding demonstrations, rallies and marches across the country since July last year demanding the resignation of the government. schedule of 12th National Parliament elections may be announced in mid-November. BNP and the rest of the opposition want to settle the resignation of the government before the election schedule. The sit-in event at the entry points of Dhaka on July 29 has been a cause for concern as the sit-in was not successful despite thousands of people attending a grand rally the day before. BNP leaders and workers were attacked when stopped by ruling party people and law enforcement agencies.

The political arena is now speculating on how successful the BNP and the rest of the opposition will be in their non-stepping motion from October 28. Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has announced that BNP will not be allowed to stand. And the arrests have started.

However, BNP General Secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said that the arrests that have started will continue. But this will not disappoint people.

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