BNP wants to reach the final stage of the movement in October

BNP wants to reach the final stage of the movement in October

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BNP leaders believe that if events such as sit-ins or blockades continue for a long time, the chances of violence will be high and it will have a negative impact on the people. That is why they are planning to start a strict program for a short period of time towards the last phase of the movement. The BNP leadership is also careful not to give negative feedback to foreign circles in this regard.

BNP leaders feel that their one-point agitation programs in and outside Dhaka are getting crowded. But it is basically a gathering of their leaders and workers. While people are unhappy with the government, they are not directly participating in BNP’s programs. Also, the government still has the full support of the police and the administration.

Several senior BNP leaders had said in September that they wanted to stay in the fray and create conditions where all sections, including the common people, would join their movement. This is the “special moment” they wait for.

Talking to the leaders from union, district, city level to the center, it was seen that a large section of them felt that it would be possible to create such a situation within October and that their movement would move towards a positive conclusion. Unlike 2014 and 2018, this time it will be difficult for the Awami League to win a one-sided election. This time the government is under pressure from America and other western countries. The high prices of commodities and the economic condition of the country have affected the lives of the common man. People’s anger against the government has increased further due to human rights and other issues.

Again, there is speculation among BNP leaders and activists at the grassroots and other levels as to how much the movement will actually be able to change the government. BNP has a strong organizational stand in Bogura. There the union-level BNP general secretary Abdul Mannan told Prothom Alo, “It was not possible to thwart the last two elections through agitation. How far it will be possible this time, only time will tell. I think with pressure from the outside world it will be possible to move forward.”

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