Bollywood actress Bipasha Bashu pierced her navel.

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bipasha_navelHere in Bangladesh we are familiar with ear and nose piercing. But navel piercing (also known as belly button piercing) is uncommon here. May be because, women usually do not expose their navel here.

But following western world navel piercing is getting popularity among Bollywood actresses. Bipasha Bashu is the latest actress to pierce navel.
Navel piercing is not like ear or nose piercing. It takes relatively long time to heal. It is painful and some health risk like infection, hepatitis is also involved with this. There is also risk of injury in using navel jewelry. From wikipedia:
[Jessica Collins from Radyr, Cardiff, was almost killed when her belly button stud tore through her stomach “like a bullet” during a car accident. The seatbelt she was wearing forced the metal stud through her body almost to her spine, causing serious internal injuries.]

But Bipasha is brave enough to fulfill her childhood dream. She confirmed it in twitter. Her fans are eagerly waiting to see hotter Bipasha Bashu with belly button ring!

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