Brutal wife murder to her husband by cutthroat and it’s occurred at Pahartoli Chittagong

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A murder happened nearby Nesaria Alia Madrasha under Pahartoli thana at Chittagong. Police says rescued a young man’s dead body from the semi-concrete rental house. The landlord name Usuf mia and location is Abdul Ali town.
Sub Inspector of Pahartoli thana Arnob Borua ensures that the young man takes the house a couple days ago for rent. Last Saturday the man raised in the rental house with a woman. The man claims they are husband-wife. At the afternoon at 3 pm, police come here by informed about the murder from neighbors. Police rescued the dead body and sent to Chittagong Medical College for post mortem.
Police also informed that the landlord of that house doesn’t know about the victim’s identity. He never collected the young man’s National Identity Card. On the other hand, the woman who introduced as wife escaped from there and she is remaining untraced till now. The killed people that introduce as the couple themselves had taken the house as a tenant before two days. Police rescued the dead body as per law.

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