Call for dividing the Dhaka city into 2

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The government has decided to divide the Dhaka city into two parts. The ruling party that is Awami League has formally placed a bill in the Jatiya Sangsad with an aim to divide the city of Dhaka into two distinct administrative parts. The divisions will be north Dhaka and south Dhaka. There will be one mayor for each part. The common citizens across the city do not want this partition but the government seems to be very much interested to divide it into two. Their stance is only because of poor governance, according to them if Dhaka city is divided into two parts there will be good governance.

Many are opposing it as it may cause more problems to divide it with new sets of councilors and administrative authorities. How do you divide the Nagar Bhaban (the city corporation main building) and a lot more.

Think about London, will any one want it to be divided or for New York, the same question arises.

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