How decreasing water flow and rising atmospheric temperatures are set to heat our rivers: study

A new study has revealed that our rivers are warming due to reduced water flow and rising atmospheric temperatures, posing major challenges to aquatic life, ecosystems and society. The study was published in the journal ‘Hydrological Processes’. Water temperature is an important control for all physical, chemical and biological processes in rivers. This is especially […]

Foreign exchange reserves decreased by 110 million dollars in a week

However, an IMF source said Bangladesh’s net reserves are now less than US$17 billion. If Bangladesh Bank’s general reserve calculation method is taken into account, the foreign exchange reserves are still US$26.68 billion. The central bank’s remaining foreign exchange reserves can cover three months of import costs. Normally a country’s reserves should cover three months’ […]

NTMC receives Smart Bangladesh Award 2023 for contribution to cyber security

NTMC is storing various nationally important databases and providing support to law enforcement agencies, intelligence and investigation agencies. As the fear of theft of vital national data by cyber terrorists looms large, NTMC established a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC) using its technology to ensure the security of internal and external networks and databases.

Green Tomorrow exhibition to begin in Dhaka from Tuesday

As Denmark is committed and a global leader in the global green and digital transformation, the ‘Greener Tomorrow’ exhibition showcases Danish green solutions and best practices in areas such as water and environment, digitalization, energy, food and agriculture, health and tech . The exhibition will also feature cutting-edge Danish green technologies and solutions that are […]