Challenges and Solutions for Metro Rail Services in Dhaka: A Critical Analysis

Challenges and Solutions for Metro Rail Services in Dhaka: A Critical Analysis

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And that is why people accepted all the troubles, inconveniences and delays that came during the construction of Metro Rail. When metro rail services stop, the heartbeats of Dhaka residents stop. They get upset when there are disruptions in service. As BBC Bengali journalist Akbar Hossain commented on social media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust the metro rail. There is always some obstacle or the other.

Just as the Metro Rail is a completely new experience for most residents of Dhaka, it is also new for the people running the service. Recently a report by Prothom Alo said that the metro rail is facing shortage of skilled workforce. So it’s natural that executives falter when problems arise. But there is no way that officials can escape responsibility.

Before working on this writing, I visited the Japanese government website. Every weekday 34 million people travel on the Yamanote Line, which runs through downtown Tokyo. There is a gap of 2 minutes between each train. He has adopted an innovative initiative to run the railway management smoothly. They first check the real time data for any possible faults in the line and thus carry out all repairs before any serious disruption occurs, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Metro is also running smoothly in the neighboring country India. On August 14 last year, Times of India had reported on the maintenance of Metro Rail. He said officials coordinate with other organizations and carry out maintenance work regularly from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Why are we facing problems due to the doors of metro rail coaches being closed here? where is the problem? Why are there problems in the signal system? Why are we flying kites carelessly and disturbing metro rail operations? Additionally, on February 4, there was a power supply failure in the overhead catenary system, causing metro rail to stop. Why did this happen? Not everyone knows how to use a vending machine. Some people even forcibly pressed wrong buttons, due to which the machine got damaged. Is there a shortage of staff at the stations? Why are passengers not getting assistance when they need it? Given the situation, the Metro Rail authorities should inform the people as to why the service is being disrupted regularly. They should realize that we have seen so many disruptions in our everyday lives that any disruption in the metro rail puts us on alert.

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