Chanchal Chowdhury’s latest avatar for “Television”

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Chanchal Chowdhury had to grow enlarged hair for Giasuddin Selim’s blockbuster “Monpura”. For “Moner Manush”, he had to remove weight.

Now a actress will go scarcely bald for Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s subsequent movie “Television”. “I’ll have to get absolved of my hair shortly. I’ve mentally rebuilt myself to remove my dear hair,” pronounced Chanchal.

He is rehearsing for “Television” during Farooki’s bureau everyday. “I’ve acted in most TV plays as great as underline films, though never had to master a chapter of Noakhali. I’ll have to verbalise in a Noakhali chapter for Farooki bhai’s film,” he added.

How is he guidance a dialect? “Farooki bhai as great as his organisation have been flattering smooth in a Noakhali dialect. I’m receiving lessons from them,” pronounced Chanchal.

The committed thespian additionally pronounced which he wouldn’t work in any some-more TV plays this year, as he will be staying in Noakhali for dual months.

“The impression I’m starting to fool around is declared Solaiman. He is a son of a encampment chairman. He meanders around a encampment upon his motorbike. Mosharraf Karim will be personification a partial of his friend, sensitive a actor.

The final TV fool around featuring Chanchal is Salauddin Lavlu’s “Harkipta”.

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