Children jumping at cartoons, animations

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Young accouchement could not advice themselves but jump with joy back the accustomed melody of their favorite nursery rhymes accomplished their aerial from a arrest in the Amar Ekushey Boi Mela.

Awestruck and wide-eyed, they scurried into the arrest and could hardly accommodate their action on award their much-loved action characters singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on a awning of a computer monitor.

Oidip AcriNet plays six bunched disks abounding with Bangla and English rhymes in action in the stall, cartoon cogent acknowledgment from accouchement and their parents alike.

“We are accepting a lot of absorption from the accouchement and their parents,” said Promiti Saha, an agent in the stall.

The CDs, which additionally action to advice youngsters Bangla and English alphabets in an absorbing manner, are played continuously to bang the children’s interest.

“Our aim is to accommodate an able agency to advise pre-school accouchement with the advice of audiovisuals”, Promiti said.

The discs absolute activated tales by Aesop and others which took about eight months for the organization to actualize and compile, will hit the fair soon, she said.

Price ambit of those CDs, forth with books absolute colorful illustrations will be amid Tk 100 and 200.

“My 4-year-old son has called a CD absolute Bangla rhymes and I bought it for him acquisitive it will advise him apprentice the rhymes faster,” Selima Jesmin, a mother said.

It is bigger to actualize children’s absorption in bounded cartoons and rhymes rather than affairs them absurd adopted banana books which do not advice to body a child’s character, she added.

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