China will clamp down on hostile forces

China will clamp down on hostile forces

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‘Many people died in vain’

China’s strict controls on information and continued travel restrictions have made it challenging to verify the number of protesters in the vast country.

But the massive rallies seen over the weekend are exceptionally rare in China, where authorities crack down heavily on all protests of the central government.

The White House said on Monday that US President Joe Biden was monitoring the unrest.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Tuesday that Washington’s position was “the same everywhere”, and that he would “support the right of people everywhere to protest peacefully to make their views, their concerns and their frustrations known”. ” Was.

Meanwhile, solidarity protests have started around the world.

A 21-year-old Chinese protester in Washington said, “The authorities are borrowing under the pretext of COVID, but using an overly strict lockdown to control China’s population.”

“They showed disregard for human life and killed many people in vain,” he told AFP.

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