Close encounter with 'alien bodies' in Mexico

Close encounter with ‘alien bodies’ in Mexico

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Mawson shared the results of DNA and carbon dating tests he conducted on the “creatures” on social media and in his presentation.

A Mexican scientist reviewed the results at the request of Reuters and concluded that they indicated normal life on Earth.

Mawson told Reuters on Friday that the test results were not directly related to the two bodies he showed to Congress this week. In fact, he said, they were held on an entirely different body, known as Victoria which resides in Peru.

“They were found in the same place. They have the same physical appearance, they are identical,” Mawson said of the two bodies he presented in Victoria and Mexico. The two bodies were not examined to protect them from harm, he said.

Mauson is not untouched by controversies. He has made claims about other remains in the past that have been widely criticized. He participated in a 2017 TV documentary about other remains found near the Nazca Lines, which experts such as Tomasto-Cagigao and paleontologist Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi have said appear to be mutilated mummies. Now he has angered the Peruvian authorities.

Peru’s Culture Minister Leslie Urteaga has questioned how the samples, which she said were pre-Hispanic objects, moved from Peru and said a criminal complaint has been filed.

“I’m not worried. I haven’t done anything illegal,” Mawson said.

He says that he cannot answer the question of how the bodies reached Mexico. Loaned by Mawson for the hearing, they are in the possession of a Mexican man who was in Mawson’s office on Friday and who declined to be identified.

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