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Closed circuit camera project revived

CCTVLondon Metropolitan Police has one close circuit camera for every thirty two residents. It’s a costly project but it helped them a lot to combat against insurgency.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police initiated similar type of project more than five years ago. But that initiative was almost abandoned. Lack of technical expertise, lengthy bureaucratic procedure and mismanagement was to blame. Some cameras were installed in different parts of the capital. But those were useless during power failure. Moreover positioning of those cameras was not as it should have been. Presently the city has one hundred and fifty seven cameras in different locations.

Now that project is revived. Police is planning to install about one thousand cameras around the capital. These cameras will have twenty four hour power backup system. Cameras will be connected to control room through underground fiber optic cable. So real-time monitoring will be possible. These cameras have about two hundred meter zoomA, ten day recording in digital storage device  and night vision facility.

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