CNG conversion of private cars will be prohibited

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According to communication ministry, CNG conversion for all types of personal cars (Private cars, light motor vehicles etc.) will be forbidden soon. This is to reduce traffic congestion on the streets of Dhaka city.

Besides, use of more than one car in the same family will require permission from the concerned ministry. In a day or two these and other proposals will be submitted to the prime minister for authorization.

This is a short term measure taken for vehicular movement to reduce traffic congestion and bring order in vehicular movement. Long term measures will also be taken. People may get its benefit soon.

Introduction of school buses will be made to reduce traffic jam and simultaneously private vehicles will be prohibited for carrying students to schools.

In Bangladesh the price of CNG is comparatively cheap as a consequence many private vehicles were in the streets. in the year 2009 the number of registered vehicles were 5lac. and 27,000 among these 2 lac. are private vehicles.

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