Cold spell, dense fog make life difficult

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Cold spell joined with thick haze in a last couple of days has paralyzed hold up as well as disrupted highway as well as stream information exchange in multiform districts.

Ferry use upon Mawa-Kawrakandi track remained dangling for around 7 hours yesterday withdrawal over 400 vehicles stuck during Mawa as well as Kawrakandi packet terminals, reports a Munshiganj correspondent.

Ferry transformation came to a hindrance during 2:00am whilst 6 ferries were forced to anchor in a center of a River Padma due to unenlightened fog.

Several hundred passengers upon both sides of the packet ghats suffered a lot for necessity of food as well as celebration water.

Besides, during slightest 10 launches had to stop in a center of a rivers Dhaleshwari, Meghna as well as Padma due to thick fog, BIWTA sources said.

In the northern districts, a persisting cold spell might go on for during slightest 7 some-more days. The bad people in a monga-hit Lalmonirhat district have been pang many for miss of jobs due to inauspicious continue condition, reports a correspondent. Day-labourer Roich Uddin,35, Kamal,40, Manowar,48, as well as others during north Saptana encampment in Lalmonirhat urban area pronounced they have been but pursuit as they can’t go out since of complicated haze as well as cold.

An aged man, identified as Santos Roy,45, son of late Rajendro Nath during Saptana encampment died from serious cold yesterday. Besides, over a hundred people, often children, have been pang from cold associated diseases similar to scour as well as pneumonia, sanatorium sources said. Our Correspondent in Barisal reports: The people in southern segment of a nation have been pang a lot for intrusion of highway as well as stream information exchange since of a thick haze as well as cold spell.

Road as well as water transports get stuck for 6-8 hours during opposite points of their routes. The object becomes manifest after 10:30 am in a city.

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation as well as Launch Owners Association sources pronounced packet services remained dangling for during slightest 6-10 hours as water transports reached their last destinations 6-8 hours after their scheduled time yesterday.

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