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Coronavirus epidemic may continue till invention of effective vaccine

Presently no one knows well about coronavirus, whether it is related to temperature or season. Some have been hoping, this current epidemic may end after the winter in northern hemisphere. Because lower temperature helps to harden the protective gel-like coating around respiratory virus. This is why winter is known as season of flu. But no one is sure whether warm weather will hinder present worldwide coronavirus outbreak.
Even if summer temperature kills coronavirus, there is a concern among experts that this virus may hit southern hemisphere. Because it will be winter there.
Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security has commented, “This is going to be with us for some time — it’s endemic in human populations and is not going to go away without a vaccine.”
Experts are hoping, with better awareness and hygiene practice, we may get some time to make new vaccine against the coronavirus. Number of infected people per day is already decreasing in originating country China. But the concern is, new countries are being affected by this epidemic. Developed countries like US and some western European countries have also seen coronavirus patients. WHO has already issued highest alert.

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