Crocodile export

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crocodileBangladesh is exporting crocodile in small scale now. A few crocodile farm have established and they are getting success. Reptile Farm Limited of Mymensingh is a farm like this.  It was established on twenty five acres of land in Hatibeer village of Mymensingh district.

This farm was established in 2004 by importing only seventy five crocodiles from Malaysia. It exported sixty seven crocodiles to Germany for the first time in 2010. Now they have more than fourteen hundred crocodiles and they are expecting to export five to six hundred crocodiles next year.

Crocodiles are very sensitive creature special care is needed. Adult crocodiles are needed to feed once a week. But younger crocodiles are needed to feed everyday. Usually fish and meat are given as food,

Few weeks ago this farm has supplied seven male crocodiles to Bangabandhu Safary Park, which were about six and half feet long.

Chairman of the firm  Mezbahul Haque and director Rajib Shoam are saying it will be better if more entrepreneurs join crocodile farming, it will attract foreign buyers to Bangladesh.

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