Death warrant of Bangladesh cricket approved?

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BCBThe International Cricket Council (ICC) is the regulatory authority of world cricket. A draft proposal submitted by India, Australia and England is under consideration which will give enormous power to those three nations. This draft proposal also says, only top eight test playing nations should have the right to play test matches.

Some cricket playing nations like South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and West Indies has already opposed the proposal. Now the question is what will be the stand of Bangladesh cricket board?

Former president of Bangladesh Cricket Board Saber Hossain Chowdhury says Bangladesh should oppose the proposal as Bangladesh will lose its right to play test matches. Bangladesh was awarded Test Status is 2000 following their performance and popularity of cricket in Bangladesh. Saber Hossain Chowdhury was BCB president at that time.

Former cricketer Gazi Ashraf Hossain is also criticizing the draft. But the executive committee has voted to back the controversial proposal. Twenty BCB members voted in favor of the proposal and only three opposed the proposal.

Bangladesh has been showing sign of improvement in recent years. They played Asia Cup final against Pakistan, where India and Sri Lanka was other two participating nations and failed to qualify for the final.

As Bangladesh is virtually losing test status Bangladesh is supposed to stand against the draft. But the decision from BCB executive committee has shocked the cricket lovers of the country. Many cricket lovers are saying Bangladesh does not need to host T20 world cup at the cost of test status.

ICC always speaks for globalization of cricket but the recent draft proposal by India, Australia and England is against that goal and other cricketing nations will become second class cricketing nations.

After receiving test status Bangladesh visited every test playing countries except India. India has been refusing to host Bangladesh by showing various excuses.

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