Defining moments in Bangladeshi media

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Another year comes to pass. A year punctuated with ups as good as downs in a media. Looking at a back of in time, you take a glance during a poignant incidents, trends as good as performers, directors, productions creation stroke upon a media in 2010.

A year of weddings: 2010 was a year of weddings. Many renouned faces in a media scored equally a knot, together with Srabonti; Bonna Mirza; Badhon; Tisha as good as Farooki; Tania Hossain as good as Debashish Bishwas, between others.

The many talked about wedding: Filmmaker Mostofa Sarwar Farooki as good as singer Tisha’s long-term attribute resulted in matrimony in July, 2010. The matrimony of TV stars Prova as good as Apurba was additionally a single of a many talked about events of a year. The dual eloped progressing this year to get married.

The latest mothers: Richie Solaiman gifted a tranquillity of motherhood for a initial time this year. Another renouned TV singer Runa Khan additionally became a mother.

Producers’ quandary after channel 1 gets close down: On Apr twenty-one this year, Channel 1 was unexpected close down, causing measureless anguish to producers who had invested poignant amounts of income in TV plays. Many of a sufferers were additionally forced to reason protests conflicting a move. Bangladesh Television Producers’ Association as good as a actors stood by a producers by these perplexing times.

Most talked about model: No uninformed faces done stroke upon a shade this year. Lux-Channel i Superstars additionally unsuccessful to live up to a hype which surrounded them. Newcomer Bithi however was a solitary splendid star, earning many regard for her coming in Amitabh Reza’s Grameenphone ad.

Secret exile: Moushumi Biswas had it all — fame, professionalism, TV plays which won plaudits. But during year’s end, withdrawal a route of rumours, she personally left a country, many to a fear of many directors.

From a tiny to a china screen: The direction of tiny shade actors creation their symbol in a universe of cinema a single after another in 2010. Chanchal Chowdhury appeared in “Moner Manush”, along with many TV performances. Anisur Rahman Milon additionally assimilated filmdom by “Shoa Chaan Pakhi”. Tarin additionally changed to a china shade with “Kajoler Dinratri”.

Transformations: Shamim Zaman, AKM Hasan as good as Mosharraf Karim — all good well known names from a TV shade — suggested their singing prowess, lending their voice to an audio album. Chanchal Chowdhury as good as Fazlur Rahman Babu were between alternative TV stars who gave strain renditions this year.

The artist crisis: Despite a entrance of latest channels each year, a nonesuch of performers a single after another in 2010. In a insane lurch of producing some-more as good as some-more TV serials as good as plays, latest faces unsuccessful to have their mark. The assembly had to hang to a same stars, usually in conflicting roles.

Boishakhi TV in a latest avatar: Boishakhi Television was launched a integrate of years ago. This year, a latest government stepped in to restructure a looks; which in a destiny managed to benefit many popularity.

Rumours: The media is regularly abundant with rumours as good as 2010 was no exception. Tinni was a centre of many report via a year, whilst during a tail finish of 2010, Nova became a theme of attention.

Monopoly of “Ittadi”: One of a many renouned as good as longest using TV shows in Bangladesh, “Ittadi” a single after another to browbeat a scene. “Ananda-Mela” managed to come out of a aged shell, though unsuccessful to poise any hazard to a recognition of “Ittadi”.

From singer to playwright: Bipasha Hayat done a integrate of appearances in TV dramas of late. But this year, at a back of a scenes, she was bustling essay plays for television, as good as hosting a uncover declared “Medhabi Desher Mukh”.

The headache called re-run: Most of a channels aired re-runs via a year, many to a exasperation of viewers. It was hapless for a producers as good as directors as well, as they have been paid usually once for a productions.

The deficiency of Dilara Zaman: Veteran singer Dilara Zaman has been lighting up a TV shade for a prolonged time now, skilfully portraying ancillary purposes in countless dramas. However, a destiny will not see her, as she left for a US this year.

From directors to actors: Animesh Aich, Sumon Anwar as good as SA Haq Alik have been good good well known for their skills at a back of a camera. But in 2010, Animesh starred in a integrate of dramas himself, together with a purpose conflicting Joya Ahsan. Sumon Anwar additionally done his behaving debut. SA Haq Alik is seen irregularly in TV dramas; in 2010 he appeared in dual plays.

Nirmalendu Guun as an actor: Late producer Abdul Mannan Syed used to underline in TV plays, whilst producer Al Mahmud additionally appeared in TV dramas for a reduced while. Nirmalendu Guun followed in their stride. After looming in a TV commercial, he additionally starred in an ATN Bangla play which was created by Anisul Haq.

Talked about actors: Through many ups as good as downs in a year, a actors who regularly hold a courtesy of a people were Mosharraf Karim, Mahfuz Ahmed, Joya Ahsan, Zahid Hasan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mir Sabbir, Anisur Rahman Milon, Arefin Shuvo, Bindu, Tisha, Sajal, Farhana Mili, Sumaiya Shimu, Fazlur Rahman Babu as good as Apurba. Anisur Rahman Milon featured in nineteen serials this year. Mosharraf Karim was additionally a visit face upon a screen, as roughly a dozen of his serials were aired. Arefin Shuvo picked up regard for his purpose as a ‘Kujo Master’. In further to proof his directorial skills, Mahfuz Ahmed additionally showed his eagerness as an singer in a play “Choloman Chhobi”.

Holding a director’s palette, names similar to Afsana Mimi, Salahuddin Lavlu, Animesh Aich, Chayanika Chowdhury, Nurul Alam Atik as good as Mezbaur Rahman Sumon additionally came up often by a year.

Popular playwright: Amid a sea of reduced dramas as good as serials, many latest playwrights seemed to drown in 2010. Brindabon Das seemed to be a usually a single unchanging with his skills, throwing media courtesy via a year.

Most talked about plays: From hundreds of renouned TV plays of a year, selecting usually a most appropriate of a most appropriate is a formidable job. However, a plays which have enjoyed recognition have been “Lilaboti”, “Choita Pagol”, “Uposhonghar”, “Lolita”, “Je Jibon Foring-er”, “Choloman Chhobi”, “Dhulo-bali”, “Bhindeshi Taara”, “Toilakto Baash”, “Maya aar Mrittur Golpo”, “Amra Shomudro Dekhte Giyechhilam”, “Shunno Manob”, “Pitri-daey”, “Shei Shob Manushera Ei Shomoye”, “Launch-bala”, “Biborto”, “Paliye Giye Biye”, ‘”Protishodh Porbo”, “Kataa”, “Hatti-matim-tim”, “Thhik-Thhikana”, “Prokritistho”, “Tin Geda”, “Dhulor Manush Manusher Ghran”, “Highway”, “Rubiks Cube”, “Joley Bhasha Padmo”, “Kobi o Jontor Montor”, “Shapla Studio”, “Service Holder”, “Aloker Ei Jhorna-dhara”, “Chhai-ful Artish”, “Nokkhotro Othoba Nirjonotar Golpo”, “Violin”, “Thhataru”, “Amar Kothati Furalo” as good as “Load-shedding”.

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