Desperate Gazans struggle for food after airstrike deaths

Desperate Gazans struggle for food after airstrike deaths

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Despite the latest deaths, the United States insisted on Tuesday it would continue airstrikes, while Hamas urged them to stop, saying they were a “real threat to the lives of starving civilians”.

Instead he demanded that Israel allow more aid trucks to enter the war-torn area.

According to UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, only about 150 lorries a day carrying aid are now arriving in Gaza, compared with at least 500 before the war.

The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, said that more aid should be delivered to Gaza by road rather than by air or sea to prevent “this impending famine”.

Back on the beach, 32-year-old al-Rifi, whose workshop was destroyed by Israeli military bulldozers, is in despair.

He said, “I swear by God, it is hard for us to get food. We risk our lives on Salah al-Din Road or at Kuwait Square, or while trying to collect supplies dropped from planes (waiting for delivery).” Put us at risk.”

“Neither planes nor trucks provide us with our basic needs. We want UNRWA to come and distribute aid respectfully to every family in Gaza.”

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