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Dhaka to get a new museum “Taka Jadughar”

The central bank of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank building is housing a museum ‘currency museum’. Now the government has decided to move this museum to its training academy building at Mirpur. This will be relatively a larger museum and it will be known as “Taka Jadughar” instead of ‘currency museum’. Bangladesh has a rich history, sometimes history and culture of a territory is represented by its currency.

This region have seen Buddhist era, Hindu era, Muslim era and colonial era before emerging as a sovereign state in the modern days. The Pakistan government circulated their Bank notes and coins and then the Bangladesh government circulated their notes and coins after 1971. The government changed bank notes and coins time to time.

Bangladesh national museum, Dhaka city museum and many other museums are displaying many coins and notes of the past. Now the Bangladesh Bank run “Taka Jadughar” will try to display all of those. This project is due to be implemented before 31st December of the year.

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