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Dhaka University admission test dates finalized

Deans committee of Dhaka University has finalized the honours admission test dates for the academic year 2012-2013. This was decided from a meeting yesterday. According to their decision, admission test of Ka unit will be held on 12th October, admission test of Kha unit will be held on 19th October, admission test of Ga unit will be held on 2nd November, admission test of Gha unit will be held on 9th November and admission test of Cha unit will be held on 16th November.

Ka unit is for the subjects of the science faculty; Kha Unit is for the subjects of humanities faculty, Ga unit is for the subjects of commerce faculty, Cha unit is for fine arts and Gha unit is for those who want to change their group at undergraduate level.

This schedule in only a preliminary decision and general admission committee will take the final decision. But there is no possibility to change the schedule.

The applying procedure will be same as previous year. Form fee will be 300 taka and students will have to pay more 30 taka for online processing. Minimum qualification for applying will also be same as previous year.

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