Domestic Violence (Protection and Prevention) Bill 2010 passed by the parliament of Bangladesh

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Bangladeshi parliament passed the Domestic Violence (Protection and Prevention) Bill 2010 into law on 5 October. It is a measure of how seriously the nation takes the issue of violence at home. Due to the male-dominated social structure in Bangladesh, violence in the household has been a sad feature of life for countless women and children. And there were no remedy for the victims of such violence for both mental and physical torture.

It was a long felt need for such a law to ensure the dignity of women and children at home. Though a number of social welfare organisations are working to uphold the need.

Women at all levels of society are subjected to violence in a family situation. Now there is the law, hopefully the situation will get changed gradually. Of course the implementation of the law will denote the success the law.

Different authorities as well as social organisations should spread the message of the new law far and wide so as to inform both village and urban people.

Print as well as electronic media can play a vital role in this case. In rural areas the violence is comparatively greater. Local imams, teachers, members alike should come forward to mitigate the violence against women and children.

This law also has a provision of punishment in case of false allegation.

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