DSE sees taking flight trend

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Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) confirmed taking flight direction upon Monday, a second traffic event of a week.
The benchmark index of a DSE gained 81.84 points or 1.42 per centto tighten during 5844.72 points during a finish of four-hour trading. The premier bourse of a nation entered in a disastrous domain upon Wednesday after display a taking flight direction for a fourth uninterrupted sessions
till Tuesday as well as bounced behind upon Thursday.
The volume of traffic in conditions of volume increasing significantly today.  The volume stood during Tk 6708.29 million whilst it was Tk 5072.02 million upon Thursday.
The volume was Tk 7307.50 million upon Tuesday, a top turnover given Apr nineteen which came down to Tk 4615.245 million upon Wednesday.
Of a 257 traded issues upon a day, 176 advanced, usually 73 declined as well as 8 remained unchanged.
The broader all share cost index DSE as well as DSE20 index additionally gained today.
All share cost index gained 66.19 points whilst DSE20 index gained 39.69 points.
All a vital sectors together with banking, monetary institutions, cement, word companies as well as mutual supports sealed in immature upon Monday.

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