Egg powder!

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egg-powderYes, it’s not powdered egg, it’s egg powder.  That means it’s not egg actually. But tastes like real egg. This powder milk is made from some bean and bean like plants. Many prominent billionaires like Bill Gates, Paypal founder Peter Thie, former British prime minister have tasted it and failed to notice that, it was not real egg.

This white egg powder is cholesterol free and nutritious like real egg. At the same time this Powder Egg is cheaper than real egg.

This project is initiated by Beyond Eggs. They are already selling their product in the United States. They are planning to export Powder Egg to the other countries of the world. They think this type of initiative is essential to curb dependency on animal for protein. More research is needed to improve it and they are working on to introduce this type of menu in the developing world.

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