Ekushey Book Fair: Crowd, sales get bigger, better

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Like a prior dual holidays, a fifth day of Ekushey Book Fair-2012 saw a array of visitors as well as sales rise. The satisfactory non-stop during 11am even though the aficionados proposed entertainment after 3pm.

Abu Taher, a deputy during Mukto Desh Prokashon stall, pronounced a throng has been roughly a same for 3 uninterrupted holidays. Sales of children’s books have increasing to a single side those for adults.
Nusrat Jahan, a schoolteacher from Shantinagar, came to a satisfactory with her dual children. She pronounced a book satisfactory is similar to a ‘festival’ to them. “Not usually for buying books, it is a place of festivity. Many similar to me came to a satisfactory given there was a three-day vacation.”
Oitijhjho Prokashoni arch Arifur Rahman Nayem pronounced he is happy with a array of copies sole in a fair.
“The sale is good. There have been poignant changes in a readers’ taste. [A couple of years back] people used to demeanour for story books or novels. But now final for books upon beautiful letter have grown.”
“It is a poignant development,” he added.
A sum of 171 books were launched upon a fifth day. Among these, eighteen were reduced stories, 37 novels, eleven essays, thirty traffic with poetry, 6 upon research, six upon rhymes, 7 upon immature kids literature, dual upon biographies, 5 upon ransom war, 5 upon science, 6 upon travel, a single upon history, a single upon treatment and illness associated issues, twelve upon comedy, dual upon religion, 4 translations, dual scholarship fictions as well as sixteen others upon sundry subjects.
Seven books were denounced upon Nazrul Mancha upon Sunday.
At a contention hold during Nazrul Mancha, Jamil Chowdhury, an consultant upon lexicon, presented an letter patrician ‘Je Shob Bongete Jonmi’ (Those innate in Bengal) upon denunciation martyrs Shafiur Rahman, Abdul Jabbar as well as Ohiullah. Tapan Bagchi presented an additional upon ‘Bhasha Shahid: Abdur Razzak O Shafiur Rahman’ (Language Martyrs: Abdur Razzak as well as Shafiur Rahman).
Presiding over a discussion, rhymer Foyez Ahmed said, “Though researches upon a Language Movement generally revolve around February 21, there have not been notable researches upon a transformation which followed February twenty-one (1952).”
He hoped which by researches, most opposite chapters of a transformation will come to light as emerged a name of obtuse well well known denunciation martyr Ohiullah.
In a evening, a visitors listened low-pitched renditions from Rhishijo Shilpi Gosthhi.
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