FDA approves Inhaled Insulin

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The Food and Drug Administration has approved an inhalable form of insulin to help adults with diabetes control their blood sugar while eating.

On Friday, the FDA approved Afrezza, a fast-acting powdered form of insulin that comes in small single-use cartridges.

The drug maker says the powder should be inhaled within 20 minutes of the start of a meal, and can take as little as 12 to 15 minutes to go into effect. Injectable insulin takes about half an hour.

The FDA says the inhalable drug should be used with—not instead of—traditional, long-acting insulin.

It also says follow-up studies on the its long-term effects are being conducted.

The approval comes more than three years after the drug was first submitted.
Several previous versions of inhaled insulin products never got off the ground.

Source: medxforum

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