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Female workers to get bonus for wearing short skirts

A Russian company is offering hundred Russian ruble bonus for female workers, which is equivalent to one and half US dollar. To get the bonus female workers will need to do just one thing; that is wearing short skirts during working hours. Short skirt means length of their skirts can’t be five centimeter longer than knee height. To get the bonus female workers will need to send their photograph wearing short skirt at office to company officials who oversee bonus distribution.
This Russian company, Tetprof is an aluminum manufacturing company which was awarded 2014 winter Olympic and 2018 football world cup contracts. The company officials are terming this short skirt campaign as ‘femininity marathon’. Seventy percent workers of this company are male. Company officials are saying, many female workers wear trousers, but we want our female workers to enjoy their femininity. They don’t need to wear dresses like their male counterpart. They can work in their way.
But this short skirt campaign received fierce criticism from feminists. They are calling it as a sexist decision and objectifying women.

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