Film stars distribute sacrificial meat at FDC to celebrate Eid al Adha

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Film development corporation – FDC premises have been synonymous with the Bangladeshi film industry. Actors, actresses, artists, directors, producers, technicians everyone works hard to produce a memorable and commercially successful film. It has been a destination for film lovers as well. They visit FDC premises to get a first-hand experience of shooting.
Not everyone in FDC is solvent. Especially in these pandemic days, many are facing a financial crisis.

Like the last few years, film star Pori Moni has performed her sacrificial cow slaughtering at FDC premises and later distributed meat among financially troubled professionals and artists who work at FDC.

Five cows were slaughtered on behalf of Pori Moni. Later those meat were packed and Pori Moni herself distributed those among needy individuals at the FDC gate. She said extra precautions were taken this year to prevent coronavirus transmission.

Another star actress Nasrin AKter Nipun distributed sacrificial cow meat and Eid gift among eight hundred and fifty artists and shooting crews. Nipun said artists are never poor. They are just victims of the situation and we must work unitedly so that artists are not deprived of their legitimate rights.

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