First mosque of South Asia was built in Bangladesh?

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Archeological evidence to date suggests that the religion Islam came in this part of the world in 12th century. But history may not be the same. Some British amateur archeologists are saying that they have found evidence that Islam was prevalent here in 7th century also. If that is true, it can be said that Islam came here in Prophet Muhammad’s life or little after his death.

Some historians have said that Islam was prevalent in India and China in the 7th century also. But there was no archeological evidence.

Some villagers of Ramjapur village in Rangpur district found relics of an old mosque when they were building a new mosque there. British archeologists have opined that this mosque was built in the 7th century.

Local people complained that many artifacts are taken away by the authority and Al Jazeera reporter was barred from entering a local museum. Many artifacts are available for sale on the internet which are from Bangladesh. Local people don’t trust the authority anymore.

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