First patent for Covid-19 vaccine issued by China

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There is a consensus among epidemiologists around the world that present coronavirus pandemic will continue unless we get an effective vaccine. This virus will not go away itself. So scientists and governments around the world are rushing to develop an effective vaccine.

But developing a vaccine is not easy and it’s a long process. Sometimes it takes more than a decade to get a vaccine. There was a time when polio virus killed and paralyzed many children around the world. Thanks to the polio vaccine those dreadful days are over. But polio vaccine has a black history. Policymakers were in hurry to get a vaccine for polio virus.

An early-stage vaccine infected thousands of children, they developed fever, sore throat, headache and muscle pain. More than fifty children were paralyzed and five died. It was simply because safety procedures were not followed properly and termed as a manmade pandemic.

Many experts fear that same may happen for coronavirus if we don’t follow the procedure properly. Russa has already approved a coronavirus vaccine to combat the pandemic. Vaccination has been initiated with president Putin’s daughter.

But western experts say, Russa didn’t conduct phase three trial to ensure the safety of the new vaccine. Other western countries and China are also working on to get an effective vaccine. Currently several vaccines are on phase three trials around the world.
Chinese specialist research organization CanSino Biologics has received the first Coronavirus patent from the Chinese government. Chinese state-run daily People’s Daily reported that this patent was awarded on 11th August. This vaccine is currently on phase three trial.

Some security analysts have said, Covid-19 vaccine has strategic importance also. The country first develops an effective vaccine, will get an upper hand to dominate the future world, which was in the grip of the US for last few decades.

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