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Fix the price of goods, give some relief to consumers

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After visiting the market after a week, it was found that the goods were not being sold in the market at those rates. However, while the prices of some things have decreased in the retail market last week, the prices of some have increased compared to before.

On Thursday, after visiting Shevarapada, Taltola and Mohammadpur agricultural markets of the capital and talking to buyers as well as sellers, it was found that the prices of potato, garlic, cumin and rice have increased within a week.

However, during the same period the prices of onion, broiler chicken, pulses and eggs have declined. Apart from this, the prices of many vegetables have also reduced. Although the prices of these commodities have come down, they are still higher than the 'rational' price declared by the government.

The increase in the price of fixed commodities as well as rice in the last few days has created further difficulties for the poor and people with limited income. While vegetables, fish or eggs can be purchased in small quantities to meet the shortage, this is not possible in the case of rice. No matter what, people have to buy a certain quantity of rice.

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