Forty Rohingyas sheltered in Malaysia

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DN-MalaysiaRohingyas are the ethnic minorities of Myanmar. The constitution of the country do not recognize them as citizen of that country, though Rohingyas are living there for hundreds of years.

According to the United Nations, Rohingyas are the most deprived ethnic minorities in the world. Rohingyas fled to neighboring Bangladesh before. But later the Myanmar government refused to take back many of them. Still four to five lakh Rohingyas are living inside Bangladesh.

After the recent ethnic conflict in Myanmar, many Rohingyas tried to enter Bangladesh. But the Bangladesh government refused to shelter them.

There is allegation that the government of Myanmar is biased towards the Buddhists. Even Nobel laureate opposition leader’s comment has created controversy.

Refusing by Bangladesh desperate Rohingyas are trying to find another destination. A Vietnamese ship rescued forty from sea and taken them to Singapore. But Singapore refused to take them. Many citizen and political leaders criticized the action and termed this as an cruel action.

Later Malaysia sheltered them but it is yet to clear that whether it is permanent or temporary shelter.

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