Four high speed vessels introduced to BGB

Four high-speed interceptor vessels are introduced to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). These vessels are equipped with sophisticated automatic machine guns, RADAR, fourth generation GPS and sonar system. These 40-foot-long, 650-horsepower, three-engine vessels are made of Silvercraft 40 model reinforced polymer. Each can carry 33 soldiers and has a speed of 55 nautical miles or 101 kilometers per hour.
These newly introduced interceptor vessels can navigate in bad weather with the help of modern GPS and sonar system. With more than four thousand kilometer long land boundaries, Bangladesh also has river boundaries with neighboring India and Myanmar. Moreover Bangladeshi border guard is also securing St. Martin’s Island. So these vessels will help to improve capability of BGB which is known as Bangladesh’s first line of defense.
Besides securing border, Bangladeshi border guards are also battling against cross border human & drug trafficking and smuggling.

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