Germany is opposing nuclear power project by Bangladesh

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In today’s world nuclear debate is a worldwide issue. Especially after the Japanese nuclear

disaster due to tsunami.
Anti nuclear activist say, nuclear power is not safe, and will never be. Huge risk is

involved in this type of project. But nuclear experts argue that nuclear technology has

improved and a lot safer than before. It is a clean source of energy. So in the day of

concern on global warming the only way we can replace fossil fuel is nuclear energy. Because

now there is not chance that we can use renewable energy like solar energy or wind energy in

large scale commercially now.
When present Bangladesh was East Pakistan, Pakistan government initiated a nuclear power

project in Ruppur. In fact project implementation was started. Required areas were evacuated

for the proposed power station. A veteran nuclear scientist say at that time most of

Pakistan’s young nuclear scientists were form East Pakistan. So we were more than ready to

run a nuclear power plant. But after the liberation war no government in Bangladesh

implemented this project. But present Pakistan is running nuclear power plant.
Now Germany has decided not to use nuclear energy. But France is increasing its nuclear

power generation.
German development aid minister opposed Bangladesh’s plant to go for nuclear power

generation during his visit to Bangladesh. He argued now Bangladesh is not capable of

running a nuclear power plant. He also warned about the risk during natural calamity like

flood or earthquake. But his Bangladeshi counterpart was not happy with his comment. German

media gave special importance on this nuclear issue.

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