Government is going to increase power tariff at bulk level

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The government is planning to increase power tariff at bulk level. Retail users will also have to experience its effect soon,

In a meeting at BERC (Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission) yesterday this was disclosed.

The effect may be effective from next month or from the early next year. The tariff may be increased by 42 percent.

PDB last year proposed to increase power tariff by 76.07 from 2013. The commission evaluated the proposal by forming a five-member committee. They recommend a 41.07 percent rise.

Current cost (bulk) is 4.86 per kilowatt hour but they sell at Tk 2.81, thus they are incurring a great loss.

They have suggested that they want to increase the tariff in step by step. They proposed Tk3.72 per kilowatt hour from March 2012, Tk 4.28 from July and Tk 4.86 in 2013.

If their proposal is granted, the loss will come down from Tk 7,344 crore to Tk 5,722 crore.

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