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Harassment while returning to Dhaka

Eid holydays are over. Those who left Dhaka to meet their kith and kin must return to Dhaka for their livelihood. This is the same harassment they had to face when they left Dhaka. Little transportation was available compared to the number of passengers.

The fare is in most cases almost double. People had to travel standing or on the roof top as seats are limited.

Similar situation has been depicted in case of train passengers…. Same crowded train even on the roof top.

This is not all, even if you could somehow return toDhakayou cannot guarantee that you can reach to your destination safely because your short distant transportations (e.g., CNGs) are not available easily. If you are lucky and get one you must pay a high price. The fare is almost double. Many had to return despite high price.

The city is beginning to get its usual momentum.

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