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Health hazard for city cleaners

City cleaners of Bangladesh are on serious health hazard. Traditionally they work without safety equipment like mask, gloves and boots. As a result of that they are getting ill on regular basis. Fever, respiratory infections, cold, headache, stomach ache, etc are common sufferings for city cleaners. Tonnes of garbage are cleared everyday from cities across the country. Authorities are providing necessary safety equipment including mask, gloves and boots for cleaners. But they are reluctant to change their habit. These poor cleaners usually don’t get proper treatment and they are not doing regular job for city corporations. Their salary isn’t well enough to meet basic needs. A doctor from Rangpur Medical College Hospital said, these cleaners also get contact to medical waste. These waste can cause serious infection to cleaners. Cleaning section boss of Rangpur City Corporation said, they are trying to create awareness among cleaners. It will take some time to change their habit.

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