Heavily installed vehicles bluster Teesta Barrage

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Movement of heavily installed vehicles creates a country’s largest irrigation plan Teesta Barrage opposite a Teesta River during Dowani in Hatibandha upazila exposed as a weighbridge subsequent to a fusillade fee room has remained potential for a final 8 months.

After a moment grown in embankment No 32 of a barrage, a three-member consultant group of Bangladesh Water Development Board (WDB) led by a Chief Design Engineer Saidul Islam visited a fusillade as well as carefully thought about a moment upon Tuesday noon.

“A small moment is found in embankment No 32 as well as it is repairable. The rug chunk of a embankment is fine as well as so, there is no means for panic,” Saidul Islam pronounced after examining a crack.

During a revisit to a barrage, this match saw that vehicles surpassing 20-tonne extent pierce upon a fusillade in deficiency of a organic weighbridge.

There have been allegations that a lessee for tolls pick up from Teesta Barrage allows heavily installed vehicles upon a fusillade in sell of a single more fee money.

The damaging action in defilement of supervision limitation as a territory of officials of Bangladesh Water Development as well as military spin a blind eye to a make a difference due to purported cheat receiving from a leaseholder.

On an normal 1200 vehicles together with trucks, buses, motorcycles as well as automobile rickshaws pierce upon a barrage, sources said, adding that 250 to 300 of them have been trucks installed with thirty to 40 tonnes of products generally mill bolder, spark as well as pick line from Burimari land port. These have been authorised to cranky Teesta Barrage, since a order allows usually vehicles installed with subsequent twenty tonnes of products to cranky a fusillade for fee of Tk 500 each.

“The worker recruited by leaseholder during Teesta Barrage took Tk a single thousand as fee income to concede my lorry installed with boulders weighing upon top of 40 tonnes to cranky Teesta Barrage,” pronounced lorry motorist Abdul Jalil from Mymensingh.

A couple of locals pronounced Tk 5 lakh is exchanged each month for permitting over-loaded vehicles to cranky a fusillade by ‘keeping a weighbridge inoperative’.

“Teesta Barrage is a inhabitant item though it is right away underneath a hazard of fall as hundreds of heavily installed vehicles pierce opposite it regularly,” pronounced internal schoolteacher Mamotaz Uddin.

The weighbridge during a northern finish of Teesta Barrage in Dowani area of Hatibandha upazila due in Dec 2009 to scale vehicles as well as forestall over-loaded ones from plying a barrage, pronounced WDB officials during Dalia.

Since then, a weighbridge one after another handling scrupulously though authorities dangling a operation early Feb this year due to ‘lack of permanent staffs’ to work a machine.

Ruhul Amin, territory military military officer of a weighbridge, denied a claim of receiving cheat from a leaseholder.

Manager of Teesta Barrage fee room Shamim Hossain additionally denied receiving a single more fee for permitting over-loaded vehicles opposite a barrage.

Asked because a weighbridge during a fusillade has remained inoperative, he pronounced it is a make a difference of WDB officials.

The military military officer in assign of Dowany sub-police hire ASI Mohammad Ali pronounced WDB officials, not police, have been obliged for checking over-loaded vehicles during a opening of a barrage.

Nikhil Ronjon Som, senior manager operative (Mechanical) of WDB during Dalia, certified that transformation of heavily installed vehicles upon a fusillade is causing mistreat to it.

“I have already created to a aloft authorities for recruiting permanent staff to work a weighbridge of Teesta Barrage. Hopefully, a weighbridge will be operated scrupulously from Jan subsequent year after recruitment of a appurtenance operator, a jot down screw as well as a peon,” he said

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