Hefajat-e-Islam challenging women development policy, says minister

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women development policyState minister for women and children affairs minister Meher Afroze Chumki has termed Hefajat-e-Islam’s thirteen point demand as a challenge to women development policy. She said this while talking to reporters few days ago. The minister said, it’s not a threat. She said proper education and explanation of religion will help Bangladesh to face the challenge.

Women development policy gained momentum when military backed caretaker government was in power, but it was virtually abandoned amid protest from some Islamist groups. Later AL government again tried to implement the policy, but they were taking steps cautiously.

The scenario was changed last year. When it was found that there are some serious anti Islam blogger among Shahbag activists, a radical Islamist group Hefajat-e-Islam gained ground and they started movement, in their words, movement to save Islam. Some human rights activists say, few anti women demand is included by Hefajat.

According to Muslim family law women get half share of parent’s property compared to men. But women right activists say it should be equal. According to Hindu family law women don’t get any share of their parent’s property.

Proposed women development policy has tried to bring an end of this discrimination. There are some other directions in the policy to improve women’s’ life in Bangladesh. Bangladesh constitution also assures equal rights for every citizen.

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