High Court asks details on house rent controllers

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Everything is centralized to the capital Dhaka in Bangladesh. The house owners used this as an opportunity to raise house rent arbitrarily. Many experts blame rising house rent as one of the major cause of corruption. Because servicemen are forced to earn more.

There are many people in Dhaka who do not do anything. They have one or more houses in Dhaka and they are living on house rents. They always seek excuse to increase the house rent more and more.

In this chaotic situation the government enacted house rent control act in 1991. But it didn’t implement it. In May 2010 the High Court issued a rule which asked the why the government is not taking steps to implement the act.

Yesterday on a hearing on the previous rule the High Court asked the government to submit details of the house rent controllers of two Dhaka City Corporations. The court also asked for the price list of different areas of Dhaka City.
According to the House Rent Control Act, no house owner can claim advance of more than one month. But many tenants are forced to give advance of four to six months. The tenants are getting back the money only when they are leaving that house. That means the house owners are enjoying the bank interest during this period. According to the act, there should be a written agreement between the house owner and tenant, and the house owners have to give receipt. This precise is not followed in most of the cases.

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