How do our tastes affect creativity?

How do our tastes affect creativity?

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What drives us to innovate instead of relying on tried and tested methods and processes? What motivates the desire to innovate at the risk of wasting time, energy and reputation in the face of colossal failure?

Creativity is built on complex principles that we are just beginning to understand, and inspiration plays an important role. However, pursuing a goal is insufficient to explain why we prefer some concepts over others and whether that preference helps the success of our actions.

“Creativity can be defined as the ability to generate original and relevant ideas in a given context in order to solve a problem or improve a situation. It can be used to adapt to change or to stimulate it. is an important skill, explains Alizie López-Parsem, a researcher in cognitive neuroscience. Our team is interested in the cognitive mechanisms that enable creative ideas to be generated, hoping to learn how to use them wisely.”

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