How the Dhaka region is set to turn into a multimodal transport hub

How the Dhaka region is set to turn into a multimodal transport hub

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Kamlapur is the largest and busiest railway station in Bangladesh and at least 115,000 passengers use the facilities to travel every day. Just steps outside the station, one of Dhaka’s busiest coach terminals is also being used by thousands of commuters every day.

Now, as the government’s multi-billion dollar communication projects of Mass Rapid Transit or MRT, Expressways and Bus Rapid Transit or BRT come to fruition, the already very busy area will likely become even busier and chaotic.

To deal with the potential chaos and huge increase in the inflow of passengers, the government is planning to convert Kamlapur into a ‘Multi Modal Transport Hub’.

Stakeholders and communication experts believe that Dhaka’s traffic system will change rapidly for the better with the introduction of MRT, Expressway and BRT.

Sources said the proposed hub would be built like the developed world to provide state-of-the-art passenger services.

This hub will be the first hub in the country to bring road and railway communication at a single vantage point around Kamlapur station, so that passengers can quickly transfer from one mode of transport to another.

Sources said a similar hub is also being planned to surround the Dhaka airport railway station.

Under the Kamlapur hub plan, the Kamlapur Inland Container Depot or ICD will be shifted and replaced by a 60-storey multi-purpose building.

“A multi-storey railway station will be built in the underground part of the building to serve the metro rail [MRT]Metro, elevated expressway and BRT commuters,” said Al Fatah Mohamed Masudur Rahman, project director.

The Government of Bangladesh has signed an MoU with Japan to implement the project.

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