Human right activists are furious to see Naked Jarawa women dance like Human zoo

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Indian Andaman Islands are the resident for some tribes who are now in danger of dying out. Jarawa tribe is one of them, now this tribe has only 403 members. Tribes like Jarawa are susceptible to outside influence and the Indian government has banned contacting them. Even photographing is also illegal.

But a British newspaper observer has released a video which shows some women from the primitive tribe Jarawa was dancing in exchange for food. It is alleged that they were forced to dance by the local police. That video shows Jarawa tribal women some of them were naked dancing in front of the tourists.

Human right campaigners condemned and compared this to a human zoo. Human zoo has a notorious history in Africa and Europe, where the colonial power displayed the Negros. But now forcible human exhibition is history. Only volunteers do the work in some cases.

India’s tribal affairs minister V Kishore Chandra Deo has asked for a report in this matter. Jarawa tribe is thought to be among the first people who successfully migrated to Asia from Africa.

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