Humor in the International politics.

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Consider a movement in Bangladesh; it may be a political movement, student or labor movement. Police takes tuff action against the protesters. What the western world would say? What will be the reaction for other Bangladesh like third world countries?

Answer is the same. They will lecture the governments that, police force should never violate the human right. They will advise the Bangladesh police to show restraint. The European Union will send a team to check the human right situation in the country.

Now this happened in the UK. There the youth of the deprived section of the society are expressing their anger. Some are taking the advantage of the situation, they are looting shops. But it is clear that this is mainly expression of accumulated grievances which never met by the authority. The government is only considering it as a chaos.

Now the third world is silent after the situation in UK. Perhaps they will loose donors if they speak.

But Iran does not get help from the western world, so they can say. The Iranian government is asking the British police to show restrain, asking not to violate the human right and they expressed their desire to send a mission of observer to check human right situation there!

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