Hundred years of Hardinge Bridge

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DN-Hardinge-BridgeHardinge Bridge crossed its hundred year on last year (2012). This railway bridge connects Paksey and Bheramara. Rail communication of Dhaka with Khulna division depends on this bridge.

In 1989 Eastern Bengal Railway proposed for the bridge. In 1908 a technical committee reported that a bridge on Paksey – Bheramara will be most suitable. The construction work started in 1910 and ended in 1912. Sir Robert Gailes was the chief engineer of the construction work.
After running two trial trains the bridge was opened on 4th March, 1915. Twelfth span of the bridge was damaged during the liberation war in 1971. Later it was reopened in 1972.

After constructing the bridge in 1992, the authority said, this bridge will last one hundred years. One hundred years passed but it is still used by railway. But train moves slowly following engineer’s instruction.

There is a road bridge to connect Rajshahi and Khulna division but there is no other railway bridge. Locals are appealing for some maintenance work so that the bridge may be used some more years.

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