Improving deep sleep may prevent dementia

Improving deep sleep may prevent dementia

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These participants were carefully monitored for dementia from the time of the second sleep study until 2018. The researchers found, on average, that the amount of deep sleep declined between the two studies, indicating a slow decline in sleep as we age. Over the next 17 years of follow-up, 52 cases of dementia were reported. Even adjusting for age, sex, group, genetic factors, smoking status, sleep medication use, antidepressant use, and anxiolytic use, each percent reduction in deep sleep per year increased the risk of dementia by 27 percent. was associated with an increase of.

Associate Professor Passey said, “Slow sleep, or deep sleep, supports the aging brain in many ways, and we know that sleep increases the clearance of metabolic waste from the brain, including the proteins that accumulate in Alzheimer’s disease. Withdrawal facility is also included.” ,

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