Indian enclave residents appeal for Bangladeshi citizenship. Part-I

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Enclaves of Bangladesh and India have been a peculiar problem. Separation of British colony, India in 1947 created two independent states India and Pakistan. At that time border demarcation was done so hurriedly and actual situation on the spot was not considered properly.

1947 border created enclaves. East Pakistan became independent Bangladesh in 1971, but that enclave problem remained unresolved. After liberation of Bangladesh, founder president of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi signed a treaty which was known as Mujib-Indira treaty.

Unfortunately that treaty was not ratified by the Indian parliament.

Many analysts believe implementation of that treaty would solve many border disputes including enclave problem.

India has 111 enclaves inside Bangladesh and Bangladesh has 51 enclaves inside India. Residents of those enclaves live in a very inhuman condition. Formally they are citizen of India and Bangladesh, but do not get any service from the governments.

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