Indian railway is planning to connect Tripura with port city Chittagong

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railwayIndia has been eying on Bangladesh’s Chittagong port for many years. This is important for them as north eastern India is practically disconnected for the main land. The ‘Chicken Neck’ between Bangladesh and Nepal is not viable for connectivity.

Chittagong port may be a solution. But implementing this type of project is not easy for some historical reasons. After the separation of India in 1947 then East Pakistan was refused when it requested India to open Kolkata port. Later dam projects on the upstream, border killing, and non tariff barrier for Bangladeshi products have worsened the situation.

Connectivity and cooperation between the countries of the region was like building castle in the air. Rail link between India and East Pakistan was suspended after the war in 1965,

Later rail link between Dhaka and Kolkata was resumed. India and Bangladesh government is trying to increase bilateral trade. Now North East Frontier Railway of India is taking project to connect with Bangladesh and Myanmar. Ircon International Ltd will lay rail tracks between Agartala and Akhaura. Fund is also allocated for Tripura and Chittagong rail link feasibility study.

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